Sick Notes

Request a sick note

Click the link above to submit a request for your sick note.

Self certification for less than 7 days

If you have been off work for 7 days or less, you do not need to provide your employer a sick note from a GP. Instead, you can self certify using a SC2 Form.

Sickness of more than 7 days

If you have been off work for longer than seven days, you can obtain a sick note from a doctor.

You need to have had an assessment by a GP (or another healthcare provider) during your illness to request a sick note – if you have not done so, we may not be able to issue a note.

If you have seen a doctor, or we have relevant information from another healthcare provider on your records, will will be able to issue your sick note. Please note that this can take up to 7 days.

Please note that emergency appointments are only provided for general medical emergencies and not for the purpose of requesting sick notes.

How to count sick days

To work out the number of days that you have been sick, you must include all the days in a row that you have been off work. This includes days that you do not usually work, such as weekends and bank holidays.

Extension of an existing sick note

If your fit note runs out and you are still unwell, you can request an extension online using the link above and this will be passed on to the doctor. You do not need to book an appointment for this. Should the GP require further information from you, they will ask you to book a routine telephone appointment.

Sick notes cannot be issued with a future start date, but can be issued in retrospect. If you request a start date in the future, you may have to wait until after that date. Sick notes are legal documents and when issued will give you access to sick pay even if issued after the date of the illness.

Private certificates

If you or your employer require further information regarding your time off work, then your doctor may be able to issue you with a letter. Please note that there may be a charge of £20 for this service.

Child off school

Please be aware that GPs do not provide sick notes for school children.