Communication Needs

A patient’s experience of our services must be positive to encourage the patient to continue to use the service.  To support this, Abbey Road Medical Practice is implementing the Accessible Information Standard which aims to make sure that disabled people who are our patients and service users have access to information that they can understand and any communication support they need.

This includes making sure that people are able to receive information in different formats if they need it, such as large print, easy read, via text, email and visual/British Sign Language (BSL) etc.

As part of the standard the Practice MUST do five things;

Identify those who have any information or communication needs, and find out how to meet their needs.

Record clearly & concisely on patient records.

Flag a person’s file, so it is clear that they have information or communication needs, and clearly explain how these should be met.

Share information with other secondary care providers, if appropriate with patients consent.

Meet the requirements to make sure that people get information in an accessible way and communication support if they need it.