Important Changes to Salbutamol Inhalers

We complete regular reviews of medicines to make sure patients’ continue to receive high quality and effective treatment.  There will be a change in the brand of Salbutamol on your prescription and you will now be prescribed Salamol brand.

Salamol contains the same strength, form and active ingredient (Salbutamol) so please continue to take your medication at the same dose and take it in the same way as before. The appearance of the new brand may differ slightly from your previous brand, however apart from this you should not notice any difference at all.

If you are concerned or wish to discuss the matter further please do not hesitate to contact the practice or your local community pharmacist.

Additionally, your inhaler will now be changed to acute.

You can still request this medication from the surgery, however not via patient online access or the NHS App as it is no longer on repeat. Please do not hesitate to contact the surgery if you require any further information.

Remember, if you need your blue inhaler three or more times a week, then your asthma treatment could be improved, and you should have a review as soon as possible.