Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Annual Statement 2021-22

IPC lead for the practice – Dr Subir Sen (GP)

IPC deputy – Nurse Shynamma Roy

Environmental cleaning lead –  Nurse Shynamma Roy/Joanna Cardosa

Decontamination Lead – Nurse Shynamma Roy

Antibiotic and Sepsis lead is Dr James Madden

IPC team

Clinical Staff – Nurse Shynamma Roy ( Practice Nurse), Rebecca Surentheran (Trainee Health Care Assistant), Vanessa Jones (Trainee Health Care Assistant)

Admin Staff – Ghazala Jarwar (Practice Manager), Nargis Akhtar (Administrator), Fathima Zuhair (Clinical Administrator)

This annual statement will be generated in December each year and will summarise:

  • Any infection transmission incidents and actions taken
  • Details of IPC audits/risk assessments undertaken and actions taken
  • Details of staff training
  • Details of IPC advice to patients
  • Any review/update of IPC policies and procedures

Significant Events

There were no significant events relating to IPC in the previous twelve months.

Staff Training

All staff received annual IPC training/updating in June 2021.  All staff have been trained in sepsis awareness.

IPC issues/updates are discussed regularly throughout the year in clinical/general meetings.

Staff are encouraged to raise any IPC concerns with the practice manager or IPC lead.


Hand Hygiene /Aseptic Technique

An annual hand hygiene audit was conducted on all staff in November 2021 with 100% compliance in correct technique. Staff are aware of the importance of hand hygiene in reducing healthcare associated infections.

Practice IPC Audit

We conduct spot checks every 3 months. The last one was done on 01/12/2021. We also have a risk assessment tool for infection control which we do every year. This was last done in July 2021. In December 2021 we also carried out a waste management and compliance audit. These audits indicated that the following areas need improvement;

  1. Notice boards need tidying up.
  2. Some chairs in the waiting room need to be repaired.
  3. Blinds in waiting area need to be replaced.
  4. Hazard stickers need to be removed from underneath patient chairs.
  5. Social distancing posters in main entrance area needs re taping.

We also have third party audits done annually by a company called Infection Control Training Limited. The last one was done on 26/04/2021.

Actions completed

Among the above, most actions completed.

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are performed on a regular basis. We have done the Covid 19 risk assessments for all staff members. Health and safety risk assessment is done on annual basis by third party and COSHH risk assessment done.

IPC Advice to Patients

All eligible patients have been invited for relevant immunisations for example flu, pneumococcal, shingles, whooping cough and most recently Covid 19 Vaccines.

Parents/Guardians are sent regular invites/reminders for childhood immunisations.

IPC Policy

The IPC Policy has been updated and expanded to provide more detailed information.